About JMG


James Makes Games Ltd is essentially a corporate front for the machinations of James Carey.

Poacher-turned-gamekeeper James used to be a hack for illustrious print publications such as The Official UK Playstation Magazine, PCGamer, PCFormat and even Edge once when he forgot his roots, but since 2006 has harboured delusions of grandeur in the game-development world. After a vanishingly brief stint at Total War crafters The Creative Assembly he became Lead Script Writer on Arma2 for Bohemia Interactive Studios. Emboldened, the upstart axe-jockey embarked on a long-term partnership with Jim Rossignol, founding the indie powerhouse Big Robot in 2010 to create and sell original IP for money. The nerve.

Presumptuously assuming the role of Lead Designer/Producer on the plucky start-up's début title for Channel4 - Fallen City - and the GDC-award-winning follow up Sir, You Are Being Hunted, for nearly a decade James has worked with Big Robot, although they've repeatedly asked him not to, designing what are - objectively- the best bits of all their games to date. Even the ones they haven't let him work on, or even know about. He lives now only in the authors' memory. And a stubborn house in the South West of England.


Despite over a decade working in videogame development, on titles that have earned prestigious awards and collectively sold millions of copies, James Makes Games Ltd has nothing to show for itself but some nice reviews and the tiny, sharp fragments of shattered dreams. It has several works in progress but no money to finish any of them. If you have some money, perhaps more than you can spend, why not support a JMG project? Or charity's probably better isn't it? Yeah, give it to charity.